Program Summary

The following program develops from your program case studies for middle schools.  Please keep in mind that you must develop a vision for your school, including the learning philosophy which will be demonstrated in the program arrangement / adjacencies / sections etc.  Please keep in mind our previous “ecology of ideas” to help trigger alternative learning environments that the space program does not.  I have linked back to previous posts in each program summary below as well.

Learning Clusters: 51,000 s.f.

  • 8/9 Classrooms per year: 24,000 s.f.
  • 8/9 Labs (1. per cluster): 13,500 sf.
  • 8/9 Homerooms (1. per cluster): 9,000s.f.
  • Bathrooms (1. Boys, 1. Girls, and Jan 500 s.f. closet per cluster): 4,500 s.f.

Gymnasium: 8,000 s.f.

  • Main Gym: 6,000 s.f. (about 100′ x 60′)
  • Support Spaces: 2000 s.f. (includes boys / girls locker rooms, coaches offices, equipment storage)

Commons / Cafeteria: 6,000 s.f.

  • main eating space: 4,000 s.f.
  • kitchen and support: 2,000 s.f.

Library / Media Center: 4,000 s.f.

  • Main Reading Room: 3,000 s.f.
  • Media Area: 600 s.f.
  • Study Rooms: 400 s.f.

Arts: 8,000 s.f. (+ 8,000 s.f. if dedicated theater)

  • Art Studios: 6,000 s.f. (3-4 studios)
  • Music Room: 2,000 s.f.
  • Auditorium (optional): 6,000 s.f. + 2,000 s.f. support
  • if no dedicated auditorium, there must be a flexible all school gathering and presentation space (such as with commons/cafeteria or gym)

Administration: 3,000 s.f.

  • Office Suite: 2,500 s.f. (Principal, Vice Principal, Conference Room, Entry reception/secretary, Teacher lounge and copy room, etc)
  • Nurse: 500 s.f.

Total Required Program: 80,000 s.f.

20% Grossing (Circulation / Mech): 16,000 s.f.

Total S.F.: 96,000 s.f.

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