Program Process

chunk program_1

Chunk Program 1

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Chunk Program 2

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Chunk Program 3

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Chunk Program 4

chunk program_5

Chunk Program 5

In my first iterations of the program I was exploring the relation between the spaces and the site. Some of the common themes between spaces were the private vs. public; this meant creating a separation between the street and the school but also public space while keeping privacy. The solution for me was separating the program accordingly in different levels.  The next step was to explore further the relationship of the form to the site. Some influential factors where sun orientation, lighting and adjacencies. Going back to the third teacher natural lighting is key and providing access for light to penetrate spaces from both sides; classrooms for example.  I tried a curvilinear shape just to see where it would take me, which did workout to good. Aside from a round form I was difficult to relate that geometry with what the school should represent. Another approach was to explore skins and the way a skins starts to influence form. I really liked how the skin starts to wrap around the form to create a unification of elements that would otherwise appear to be apart. It also revealed interesting enclosure that can start to become another kind of spaces. Other than that I am still discovering different applications and function of the skin other that a personal gesture.

2 responses to “Program Process

  1. I feel like I’m having difficulties addressing “ecology of ideas” at this scale. The exercises that we did on “ecology of ideas” focused on the quality of interior spaces; here my focus has been on general ideas such as lighting and providing outdoor spaces. I am leaving some of the issues to address them at the micro scale later but I can sense a disconnect by doing so. I might take a few steps back and try to design spaces that incorporate some of the ideas from the start, but it’s unclear what that actually is.

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