Programming Process

chunk1One of my first chunk models focused on pulling program areas away from the new high school to create this shared common space that both the middle school and high school can utilize before, after, and during school hours.  This resulted in a scheme that would be slightly more dense and involve a higher building.  Because of this height, grades can easily be separated by levels, subjects, or I could create interactions of the grades at certain points.

chunk2Further exploring this idea of a shared common space and observing how I could maximize daylight and solar gain by not only pulling the mass away from the high school but also focusing the mass at the street corner.

chunk3A similar iteration of the previous model but now seeing how the landscape and outdoor spaces can mesh with the school.  This mesh could start to define main circulation paths and homeroom/common areas.  In this model, the mesh starts as the roof of the administration then moves into the main entry and up to the cafeteria/commons creating an outdoor area.  The idea is that at some point this green space would provide means for the students to Grow Your Own.

model1A formal model exploring cutbacks in each of the floor plates and a south facing vertical circulation shaft.  Bringing the landscape into school is not as evident here.

model2A second formal model using more angular floor plates.  This one does a better job in making the outdoor green spaces link together from the street level, to the roof of the commons, and as a light shaft up to the top floor.   This provides an opportunity for the students to Build a Nest.


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