Programming Process

photo 3 copy

The first program massing model I made was purely for formal purposes to see how a curvilinear object would look on this site.

photo 1 copy

The second model was to experiment with subtle angles and provide access to a roof garden where students could possibly grow their own in an urban environment.

photo 2 copy

The third program massing model was an attempt to bring outside in by subtracting from the form. The concept came from a puzzle missing its pieces. With chunks missing, I wanted to create large outdoor areas/balconies/glazing.

photo 3The last model was a combination of the 2nd and 3rd models. I wanted to further push the idea of a puzzle-like structure with shifting/pushing/pulling. However, the more I tried to develop this, the more I seemed to veer away from my concept.

photo 1With a new model, I simplified my idea and decided to create two blocks that seemed to fit together but were essentially two separate pieces. One being where “learning” takes place. Ground floor begins with admin and gallery, leading upstairs to 6th grade and cafeteria. Above that are the 7th and 8th grade classes. The uppermost floor would be the library which protrudes over the gym and auditorium. The library also serves as access to the roof gardens.

I also began thinking about materials. To achieve maximum natural lighting without being too harsh, I thought about using white metal mesh as the building’s skin. Specific areas would be just glazing or solid wall, but ultimately the mesh would wrap around the entire building creating a semi-transparent effect for natural lighting.

photo 2This model was made simply to explore another way to intersect the two blocks yet allowing access to the alleyway on the other side. Compared to the previous model, the point where the two blocks meet is much bigger. At this point, both blocks would have large glazing with the intent to light up this corner of the site – giving it a “grand entrance” feel.

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